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Not Ashamed - Geek and Nerd

In case you haven't already, please browse the introduction article . That will provide you context for this particular page.
This is a subject that merited two locations on the listing, but is probably best managed in 1 post.
To begin with, a number of you would probably enjoy some definitions. Let us begin with a comedian in the geeky and nerdy, based on the afternoon, xkcd. What people who are unfamiliar with the comic should understand is the alt text (if you mouseover a photo, that is the text which may pop up and is traditionally used as a means to describe the picture to people with visual constraints ) is frequently part of the punchline. That explains the reason why I'll be imagining the punchline (that the alt text) for you.
But definitions change."
If you would like something with more maths or perhaps just more words, then this site article may make you happy. It starts offering those definitions:
Inside my thoughts,"geek" and"nerd" are associated, but catch different dimensions of an extreme dedication to a topic:
Winner -- A buff of a specific subject or field. Geeks have been"collection" oriented, collecting facts and mementos related to their topic of interest. They're obsessed with the latest, coolest, trendiest things that their topic has to offer you. Nerds have been"accomplishment" oriented, and concentrate their efforts on obtaining knowledge and ability within trivia and memorabilia.
For me personally, I would probably say it is something similar to geeks are prompted by love of something or topic (which may lead to needing awareness about it but is not the same as being inspired by love of comprehension ), although nerds are prompted by romance (and, in my mind, that is normally knowledge about technical or academic issues --whereas geeks could be about pop cultural matters --and especially even the ironic bits). For example, let us take two people that are into area. In the event the individual's main skew is appearing at amazing photographs and that scrapes their itch, I would call them a winner. If their hungry brain would like to collect information and conditions and they flourish on technical and dry pieces, I would call them a nerd. (I would say I was both both a nerd and geek to get distance, but I am now mainly a winner for this.)
Again, that is how I view it.
If you do not get the gap, it is okay. You may most likely stick with me to the remainder anyhow. I hope it is evident by studying these definitions which neither excludes another. And, yes, I am very happy to have worn equally labels. And, no, I am not interested in arguing with you in the event that you do not agree with the way the labels are described. You simply rock those that you think apply to you personally and understand that nothing I write is supposed to remove from that.
After I was a wise kid at college, it was obvious that"nerd" was a pejorative to the majority of people. It feels like, even now, this is 1 anybody but nerds type of believes is not a compliment. And the nerds understand that this is not usually intended as a compliment. However, to my mind,"nerd" signifies clever and focused on subjects which have enhanced and will continue to enhance our place as people. I am pretty sure that many scientists will agree they are nerds. Particularly when they see I send that tag with a loving grin. As some illustrations... I throw that label on the me who danced math (I requested for additional puzzles to take home and also do for pleasure ) or each book in the library mythology or that fell in love with programming in the tender age of 8.
Now, that's had a lot to do with nerds like geeks (if you get into the very same definitions that I really do ). We became a tech-oriented society, together with grandparents on the internet as well as the boys out of college that hassled me to get a winner playing with video games. In reality, it's so obviously the era of the geek which the expression has ceased to be utilized just in nerdy geek circles. It is not just scifi fans or computer developers calling themselves geeks; it is now currently being used in phrases such as"sports enthusiast" or"cooking winner" or"any sort of item you may like a wholewholewhole lot geek." Whilst I have worked on not needing Too Much Materials and, thus, don't possess an impressive memento set, I have the love for a significant list of items, the majority of which fall in the scifi lands. Bear in mind that year that I re-watched all of of Star Trek in what could happen to be chronological arrangement in that world? Y’understand, just for instance...
However, all that said, I am not going to trouble too much if you do not understand the difference, since geeks and nerds do not use those phrases in the manners I might. And I am not in any way worried. It is just two distinct ways of stating that there is things I love. And I refused to be ashamed of enjoying items (or of being clever, which is normally wrapped in together with the nerd piece ).
Rather than combating definitions, inform me the things for which you are a geek or a nerd! Yay!

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