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Pros And Cons Of Boxing At College

In college, there are a lot of sports, and boxing is one of them. Many successful students can finish their schooling through boxing. Today, boxing has become a professional sport, hobby, or workout for many students. Doing boxing is difficult, especially when you are in college. Therefore, any student who wishes to box, whether as a hobby or professional career, should think heavily to make the best decision. This is when the pros and cons should come into play.

Pros and Cons of Boxing while Studying


1. Scholarship

If you are a college boxer or part of the boxing varsity team, they can offer you a scholarship. This will be a big help for your finances.

2. A chance to become pro

The opportunity to be a boxer in college is a huge chance of pursuing a career in the pro or other big league. The training and the discipline that college programs give are ways to prepare student boxers in becoming pro.

3. Gears Sponsorship

You can enjoy the perks of getting sponsorship with gears and other equipment. You get everything you need for boxing without spending a cent.

4. Discount on Establishment

There are establishments offering discounts to college players especially in boxing. This is given as courtesy of the community to the college players for being good role models.

5. Help the community

As a boxing student player in college, you got a chance to help the community by hosting a small boxing class to the young. You can help younger kids to aspire to be successful boxers in the future.


1. Pain reliever addiction

The chance of relying on a pain reliever and eventually going to addiction is high. College boxers have a low tolerance for pain and may depend on relievers for endurance.

2. May get focused on boxing

When a student player has a taste of victory and a bit of reward, there is a big chance that they choose to play rather than continue their studies. This will push them to stop studies and just become a boxer.

3. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

The constant hitting on the head can cause CTE. In the long run, they can end up having Parkinson’s disease.

4. Mental Issues

There are studies that mental issues in boxing are arising especially in college. Players become violent, confused, and unfocused. It may be due to pressure, fatigue, or constant hitting of the head.

5. Game Fixing

Game fixing can also happen in college boxing. It may not be common but there are players and coaches that give in to financial temptations.
Boxing is an exciting sport. There are many benefits along the way that lead to a lucrative career. But having a degree while playing opens a lot more opportunities in a career. Therefore, even if you are into boxing, make sure that you also take care of your academics. If you feel that there are writing tasks that you cannot finish, then you can get help from essay writing service websites like EduBirdie. To know more about this site, you can read edubirdie reviews. Checking out online class king reviews will help you see if this site can give you quality written pieces. Transtutors is another site that you can get written pieces from. To see if this is legit, you can check out transtutors reviews. There are other site reviews that you can read from scamfighter.net. Knowing the reliability and legitimacy of a site will help you remove doubts like ‘is cheapwritingservice legit?’ With the help of these sites, you can focus on boxing while getting all your paperwork done.

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